When you’re born, someone hands you a set of keys, building material, a plot and variations of architectural plans. Over time, it’s your job to build a house on that plot. You can build an open, airy house filled with laughter, dreams, hopes and hugs. You can build a fortress, hiding from the world, rejecting anything from the outside. You can build a penthouse, removed from others, enjoying the 10,000 feet view, being amongst your own. You can build a treehouse, connected with wild, open to the environment, vulnerable to nature’s power.

Once the house has been built, I recommend constant fixing: Rot and Mold sets in quickly, and it can destroy the whole building. You can build a concrete wall around it, be safe and never have to worry about intruders. Others like visitors to pop by, the little surprises in life. A fence might be worth it, it let’s you secure the seeds you desire to bloom, the little sprouts that might just make it.

Keep the house very clean. Keep it simple. Keep it open and ready to change for the life you want.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Happy building.

And, if you want to look beyond flowers, chocolate and reconnect to the core ideas of love and human connection – celebrate Generosity Day instead. It’s a rather lovely idea.