I took my daughter to school two days ago and was amazed how time flies. A moment ago, I changed her first diaper. Two moments later, she’s going to school, reading chapter books, trying to boss me around. As I was driving to work, I started doing some calculations in my head. If I’m lucky, I have 40 years left. In that time, I will do the following:

– Sleep 7 hours a day or 13.5 years
– Work 8 hours a day (until I’m 70 – let’s be honest here…) or 8.2 years
– Eat 2 hours per day or 3.3 years
– Learn things 3 hours a day or 5 years
– Leisure time (TV, Reading, Hanging, etc.) 2 hours a day or 3.3 years
– Working out 0.5 hours per day or .8 years
– In the bathroom 0.5 hours per day or .8 years
– Life’s necessities (Errands, commuting, shopping, etc.) 2 hours a day or 3.3 years.

The total of already planned stuff is 38.2 years.
I have 1.8 years left to follow my heart, experience things, feel blissed.

Certainly makes the case for working on stuff that you’re passionate about, doesn’t it? Focusing on things that matter.

Now, think about your workday:

How much time do you spend on tasks? Meetings, email, waste of your time? How much time do you spend on changing the world?