At first glance, this question doesn’t make any sense.

Once you think about it, the question becomes an important one. We’re all over-scheduled. I thought I had a busy schedule before I had a kid. As a father, I KNOW I have a busy schedule. And I long for times when nothing is scheduled.

Routine is important. Routine helps creating milestones, moments in a day where you know what’s coming next and it gives you the space to find the room to create and produce.

When you look at your life, the best relationships, amazing insights, brilliant experiences come when you step out of the routine. When your mind gets a breather, relieved from the pressure of the daily routine.

That’s when an experience becomes a story you share for the rest of your life. When a chance encounter turns into a relationship. When life turns into the playful experience it should be.

The more over-scheduled you are, the more important it is to schedule time for spontaneity. To schedule for unscheduled time. To get a break.

So, give yourself a break, and enjoy a day like today without any plans.