Last Saturday I went to Whole Foods in the afternoon, planning to make Kale soup. They were sold out. My initial reaction was to sigh in frustration until I realized I was a bigger diva than Paris Hilton.

When I was growing up, all stores closed each Saturday at 1pm and didn’t open until Monday at 9am.

The only way to get any food over the weekend was to go to a gas station. Let me know if you ever saw a gas station carrying Kale.

We’re spoiled divas.

We are so used to instant gratification that we don’t even think about the impact it has on other people and businesses.

Nobody wants to wait.

Everybody wants first-class service for coach-class prices.

Nobody wants to compromise.

Nobody wants to admit how fortunate we are.

So, next time you complain about the plane delay, bitch about customer service, write this simmering Tweet about a brand, stop for a second and aks yourself: Are you a bigger diva than Paris Hilton?