They make me work harder.

They make me stay up really late.

They make me look at my contribution to advertising over and over again.

Because BBH rocks.

In their description for above video, they write:

“The pace of change in China is unique. It is tangible. It is visible. Johnnie Walker’s Yulu project presents 12 pieces of film using China’s most influential documentary film director Jia Zang Khe, and 6 of his directorial protegees. These films lay bare the aspirations, commitment and depth of a group of young Chinese people (businessmen, actors, entrepreneurs, musicians, etc.) who are committed to a new vision of progress in China. They are raw, vivid and gritty portrayals of the achievements of a sample of China’s ‘new progressives’. The story tell us that a really modern progressive China is so much richer, multi-faceted and surprising than the single-mined pursuit of wealth.”

Watch all the videos.

They will change your attitude towards China. Humanize the country. Bring the daily struggle to life. Make the Chinese experience more real.

It makes me want to go to China right now. Because we’re all humans who just want to make it to the next day. So lovely. So real.

Amazing work, amazing execution, amazing insights.

That’s why BBH is the worst agency in the world: They make me reconsider, rework, rethink everything I do and create.

Thanks for nothing.


And, congratulations to this amazing piece of work.