It’s charitable Friday here at the Global Headquarter of my company and I wanted to save you money. $9.07 for above book (you can only pre-order right now. Oh, and no link on purpose.)

There’s certainly a benefit for marketers to learn about a new platform as much as they can before they recommend it to clients. I’m all for that. But this book is a joke. It’s clearly written for non-marketers, for the person at home that heard about Pinterest and wants to participate. Ok, grab your $9.07 and invest it in a decent lunch because here’s the real Pinterest for Dummies.

1. Find an interesting image.

2. Pin it.

3. Do it again.

I’m all for cognitive surplus but do we really need to write and read books about the most simplistic topics? As I said, I’m in a charitable mood and I’m going to save you even more money.

Weight Loss for Dummies

1. Eat less.

2. Exercise more.

Stop smoking for Dummies

1. Don’t smoke

I’m not sure what annoys me more: When people turn complex problems into simplistic thoughts/slogans: “The economy is Obama’s fault.” “All bankers are evil.” or when people create faux complexity out of a simple thing.

What about you?