Millions of people before us have worked to explore the world, learn and educate us. Scientists  worked long hours to find an answer. Physicists tried to help us to understand the world around us better. Economists have done their best to gain significant understanding about the long-term impact of our short-term decisions. Historians want us to learn from the past. Marketers failed, succeeded just to fail miserably again.

Who are we, then, to dismiss them? To make up facts? To create realities? To make others belive that science is matter of opinion, something we can skip for leisure? How can you work in the marketing world when you don’t know about David Ogilvy, Clay Shirky, Jaron Lanier, Doc Searls or Lester Wunderman?

You need to know the rules before you break the rules.

You need to know everything in your field of expertise before you start to criticize and tear down their ideas. While it seems sometimes impossible to keep up with the information streams, we owe it to ourselves, our clients and our team to learn and know everything you can. Only then are you capable of breaking the rules and creating your own destiny.