4 years ago I weighed 210 pounds. I was running a few miles per week, eating decently healthy – age just caught up to me. So was my inner narrative. My Cholesterol levels were off the chart; I was on the brink of tapping into the world of statins. Everybody around me did it, why shouldn’t I?

Within a few months, both of my parents died. For some reason, I decided to live a healthier lifestyle. I went from size 34 to 30, lost 50 pounds and my Cholesterol level went down by 80%.

Don’t sell a need, sell a demand.

People know they need to lose weight, but they demand chips and salsa.

People know they need to change the world but they demand to watch Dancing with the Stars.

Filling people’s needs will get you nowhere.


Because you decide what they need. Not them.

If you want people to stop smoking, you need to sell them something they demand, like being unique or being healthy to meet the grandchildren. Not lecture them about what they need.

When I needed to lose weight, I didn’t look for brands to tell me what to do. I looked for brands that helped me in my quest. Fulfilled my demand.

Big difference.

P.S.: 4 years later, I’m still at 170 pounds. Because I demanded it.