Watch this clip: The Kodak Carousel pitch by Don Draper. (Sorry, AMC doesn’t allow embedding.)

Pitch with emotion and passion

Sure, it’s fiction. Still, it’s amazing. He mixes his own experience with a fresh idea and delivers this new concept with raw emotion. The fearlessness of tapping into his own emotion and passion brings his audience to tears.

As I said, it’s fiction. But you can bring this concept to life whenever you present. Share a new idea. Add emotion to the mix and top it off with passion. See what happens.

Marketing doesn’t equal advertising

In reality, advertising is a small slice of what marketing is today. Any successful product or service is the result of smart marketing thinking first, followed by a great product/service that makes the marketing story come true and allows the advertising to tell a story. If the Kodak company hadn’t invented the Carousel, slide projector, Don Draper could never have developed the story. Good advertising can’t bail out bad marketing. Both need to be good to work well.