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A dentist in Hamburg placed crowns in my mouth twenty years ago. Apparently, he was an artist because my current dentists are still admiring his work.

I’m pretty sure he has no idea how people admire his work. (And how grateful I am.) He doesn’t know because he didn’t ask.

Just like the craftsman that built our closets or the surgeon that fixed my shoulder.

One-off businesses like physicians, consultants, craftsmen and even designers are often hesitating to ask about the outcome. They think it’s an opportunity for clients to bitch.

It’s the opposite: It’s an opportunity for people to reconnect. There might be more crowns in my future but I forgot his name. I dislocated my shoulder again 2 years ago but can’t recall my surgeon’s phone #. There’s another closet to be designed but I can’t recall the craftsman’s  name.

The worst case scenario: You’ll learn from your mistakes, hearing from real customers expressing their real emotions.

The best case scenario: They’ll be happy you remembered them. And give you more business.