Freaky or awesome?

Placeme might be the scariest or most amazing app I’ve seen so far. The software (it’s free) uses every sensor in your handset to track your activities, location and environment. You don’t need to do anything, don’t need to check-in; PlaceMe just records everything in the background. Finally, you have a personal tracking solution at your convenience.

The app learns everything you do (how long you stay somewhere, where is your home, work and entertainment). The founder claims that none of the data is being shared or broadcast and that it’s encrypted. That’s imperative because once you share this data it turns into a big brother device.

Still, forget about privacy issues for a change, this app is a window to the future of using your data to improve your life. It alerts you that another gas station nearby has cheaper gas than the station you just pulled into. The phone can become your smart personal assistant.

The future is here. Install PlaceMe.