In yesterday’s post, I featured Dan Wieden who believes advertising is about creating provocative conversations. Well, sometimes advertising goes too far.


Art or rape? Many people were reminded of a rape scene. Billboards were pulled in Spain and Italy. And D&G discovered the fine line.


“Sixt accepts Drachma again!”, says this ad for a car rental company. Clearly, making light of the depression in Greece and it’s possible switch from Euro to Drachma.

A few laughed, the vast majority cut up their membership cards and some even threatened the CEO’s life. He had to apologize to the Greek public, promised never to muddle in politics and tame down future advertising.

Sometimes, timing is everything: This great commercial was created for the Trade Union of Craftsman in Germany. They imagine Berlin without the work of craftsmen: explosions, ruins, disoriented people.
The campaign was launched on the day of the Haiti earthquake, disrupting news coverage with these commercial images didn’t work well.


An advertisement placard of German companies Esso and Tchibo. The German coffee chain Tchibo, promoting its coffee varieties, stopped an ad campaign that featured the slogan “Jedem das seine.” (To each his own.)



Because the ancient, Roman slogan was co-opted by the Nazis for the use on the gate to the Buchenwald concentration camp.


Oh, and the evergreen.