Many businesses believe they have a few competitors. Banks believe their competition are other financial institutions and technology providers. Automotive companies believe their competitors are other car companies. Airlines believe their competitors are airlines and other transportation providers.

There’s one competitor that transcends vertical, demographics and psychographics.

This competitor is always around, waiting to strike. This competitor has no conscience. It can destroy your business.

The competitor is nothing. More specifically, doing nothing.


Customer have unlimited choices when it comes to media. Above is just the Social Media landscape. Add to that thousands of radio stations, satellite radio, newspapers, magazines, books, ebooks, hundreds of TV channels.

When you have so many choices, there’s always the choice to do nothing.

An increasing number of people are choosing that path. Faced with this deluge of opportunities, many people become overwhelmed and decide not to make any decisions.

What are you going to do about it?

Whenever you’re planning your new website, write the brochure copy, program your social channels – remember the real competitor waiting in the darkness, telling your customers to avoid risk and just do nothing.

You have to plan for it.

You have to prepare for it.

And then find out why people left the darkness and joined your light.

There’s always a reason why people decide to move from doing nothing to taking action.

You have to uncover it.