The world is flat. The butterfly effect. We are now competing with 6 billion other people. We’re all fascinated with the global economy. Recession in Europe. Questionable data from China. Weak recovery in the US. California is still suffering, let’s not talk about Nevada.

When it comes to your day, your job, all these news have nothing to do with your life experience. On one hand, geography is not that influential anymore, but, even more important, you don’t sell to 6 billion people and the economy isn’t evenly distributed.

While the advertising industry went through a significant downturn, the healthcare industry was thriving. Home values in beach towns around Los Angeles stayed fairly stable, while they plunged more than 60% 50 miles away. If you’re a programmer, recruiters will look for you all day. If you’re in manufacturing, not so much.

Macroeconomics give you a good idea where the global economy is heading. They don’t say anything about your opportunities and challenges.

When you’re stuck in a segment, it might be worthwhile to stick it out. At the same time, it might be worthwhile moving to a different economy.