Kids growing up in today’s era of educational tech tools have no idea how rad their learning experience is going to be. Not a clue.

But from time to time, us grown-ups get something a bit more mind-stimulating than the monotone ebooks we’ve come to adopt. Like this reinterpretation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein built into an iPad app. Visually it’s gorgeous. But the part that hooked me is how they’ve made this interactive — a kind of a modern-day Choose Your Own Adventure (remember those!?).

While I love this fresh take on a classic, it does raise some interesting questions as noted in Fast Company Design:

“For better or worse, it’s a fascinating approach to a famous text that raises some huge philosophical questions: Should we redesign classic pieces of art to be explored differently in the digital era? At what point does Frankenstein cease to be Frankenstein? And is it worth changing elements if the core theme can be explored by a whole new generation?”

Only time and technology will tell.