“Because the soul has such deep roots in personal and social life and its values run so contrary to modern concerns, caring for the soul may well turn out to be a radical act, a challenge to accepted norms.” – Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore’s word aren’t just true for people, they’re also true for building lasting brands. For a brand to stand the tests of time, it has to have deep roots that help it stay true and valuable over time. Real relationships are built on a foundation of trust. People can change their hair color, their taste, their outfit, yes, even their facial hair – as long as you stay true to who you are and what you stand for, people will continue to trust you. Brands can change their logo, their marketing tactics, their advertising to adjust to the the changing times – as long as they stay true to who they are and what they stand for, people will continue to trust them.

The changing exterior is merely an adjustment to changing tastes, the interior core stays the same.

There are many brands out there that lost their way. They try to adjust to changing customer behavior, changing retail environment, ultimately, a changing world. Just like a cat chasing its own tail, they’ll never get anywhere. Instead, they should go back into the history of their company and discover what they stood for when they first started. I guarantee you, there will be diamonds in the rough they can polish and bring to life in an appropriate way for today’s culture.

As the economy muddles along and technology astonishes us each and every day to find new ways to communicate with people, it will become more and more tempting to chase things that take us away from our roots. We have to do everything we can to not let that happen. It’s important to always look at the core principles – the roots – of your brand to help guide the way.