• You need to spellcheck. Spelling “dubious” as “dubios” makes you look dumb or careless.
  • Treat people in tough jobs (Janitor, Waiter, Cab Driver, etc.) like royalty. Give them 30% tip when they do a good job. Thank them, just to thank them again.
  • You are nobody without the help of others. Acknowledge them and be humble.

An additional life lesson from yours truly –

Gain perspective:

“Two trillion years hence, the universe will have expanded so far that all galaxies but the cosmologist’s own will have receded behind an Einsteinian horizon so absolute, so inviolable, that they are not only invisible but beyond all possibility of leaving a trace, however indirect.
They might as well never have existed. Every trace of the Big Bang will most likely have gone forever and beyond recovery. The cosmologists of the future will be cut off from their past, and from their situation, in a way that we are not.
Finally, and inevitably, the flat universe will further flatten into a nothingness that mirrors its beginning. Not only will there be no cosmologists to look out on the universe, there will be nothing for them to see even if they could. Nothing at all. Not even atoms. Nothing.

If you think that’s bleak and cheerless, too bad. Reality doesn’t owe us comfort. When Margaret Fuller remarked, with what I imagine to have been a sigh of satisfaction, “I accept the universe,” Thomas Carlyle’s reply was withering: “Gad, she’d better!” Personally, I think the eternal quietus of an indefinitely flat nothingness has a grandeur that is, to say the least, worth facing off with courage.”

“A universe from nothing.” – Lawrence M. Krauss

Think about it:

In 100 years, you will be the weird old guy on a family photo.

In 1,000 years nobody will even remember you existed.

In a trillion years, nobody will know we ever existed.

For me, that’s a good reason to be appreciative of what we have and who interact with. All of us will be dust in no time. Let’s make sure we make it count while we can.