A knife is sharp only at the edge.

Your pen doesn’t work when the tip is missing.

You write with your fingertips.

Edges are what matters.

When it comes to standing out, edges matter even more because that’s what people notice.

Brands that play it safe and live in the center will be moved to the sidelines. Someone else will take a risk, own the edges and end up on center stage.

When you occupy the center, you follow what’s popular. When you own the edges, you set a new trend.

At the center, you follow rules. At the edges, you set the rules.

The center is common. At the edges, you explore the uncommon.

The center is the known. At the edges, you discover the unknown.

At the center, you are safe but not going anywhere. At the edges, there is risk accompanied by a world of possibilities.

Where would you rather be?