You invited me to a webinar. With the help of your analytical marketing team, you designed a form to get to join me. While your goal is to maximize your ROI, you designed an experience to fill out a form with way too much information, with way too much work for me to care. While you focused on your short-term ROI goals, you forgot that you designed an experience that I well never forget. If you designed a path filled with hurdles, I want to forget you as quick as I can. If your goal was to eliminate as many hurdles as possible, I will remember you until the end of time.

When I go to a doctor, I have to fill out forms. When I want to become a member of a new platform, I have to fill out a form. It’s a powerful proposition and the way you design that process will forever determine how I feel about your brand.

Here’s your paradigm shift: It’s not about your goals, it’s about the goals of your customers. You need to change your attitude, change your forms, change your mindset. Customers are running your business. Just deal with it.