As a business, it’s easy to rationalize decisions:

Try finding a decent kids meal in an average restaurant. 99% of the time you’re stuck with grilled cheese sandwich, basic spaghetti or chicken fingers with fries. While the majority of kids might enjoy these choices, there are many kids and their parents that would deeply appreciate something more innovative.

Chris Rock used to be one of the best stand-up comedians in the United States. At one point, he decided to make films with jokes that nobody is offended by and nobody wants to see.

Brands try to reach the masses by extending product lines, make their offerings accessible to everyone or create inferior substitutes. They basically look for a shortcut. Some of them trade their long-term reputation in exchange for short/mid-term profits. As a public company, that’s hard to resist. When you’re not careful, you might lose your reputation and long-term profits at the same time.

Should Apple make a $100 iPad?

Should Porsche come out with a $15,000 car?

Sometimes you have to pray at the altar of the lowest common denominator: Many CPG brands and fast food restaurants follow that path. For others, that prayer might be a trap: While they focused on the short-term profit, others resisted the temptation and developed a voice that people will seek out. And are willing to pay a pretty dime for.