A decade ago we have a speed problem. Communication was way too slow, it took sometimes weeks for people to answer a piece of mail. That’s one of the reasons why so many businesses jumped on the online business bandwagon. Faster equaled better, more feedback and increased markt share. A dew weeks turned into an hour, now sometimes minutes.

We don’t have a speed problem anymore. For sure, no speed problem when it comes to business communication. A brand doesn’t gain much advantage responding twice as fast as in January. We were already fast 6 months ago, does it even make sense to be faster? Or, it is even humanly possible?

Fast is not scarce anymore. Fast is the new normal. Actually, too fast is the new normal. Good ideas are scarce. Well-defined strategies are scarce. Insights are scarce.

I don’t need your fast response. I’d rather you put some thought into your response and hear from you in 2 days.