No, don’t expect big announcements that the big campaign is dead. Big campaigns will remain important for the foreseeable future but their effectiveness will decrease over time. Money won’t allow brands anymore to buy attention effectively, they need to adapt to the small, frequent, fine-grained patterns that characterize mobile and successful social implementations. For successful brands, these lightweight interactions will become natural as part of their social business, breaking down organizational and transactional boundaries, transforming into a more social and informal enterprise.

It will force brands to delegate more power to the edges, providing people the tools and insights they need, and implementing a sensible use of automation. When platforms are always on and customers expect a 24/7 response rate, brands need to find a balance between human interaction and automated responses.

Campaigns (bursts of activity with a beginning and an end) will remain an integral part of the marketing mix. The real challenge for the marketing community is to find a balance between lightweight interactions (small, frequent, ongoing, informal) and bold, planned bursts of activity. Creating a brand interaction that feels slow, fast, spiky and always-on at the same time.