Malcolm Gladwell writes charismatic books. Apple creates irresistible attractive products. Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall lived a magnetic relationship that didn’t allow them to let go from each other, no matter the odds. Charismatic art, design and relationships come from one place: Certainty.

Arrogance comes from the mindset: “I am right and nobody else is.” Certainty comes from the mindset: “I need to express this, create this or live this and I want the world to hear about it.”

Advertising becomes noise when it’s safe, recycled old thinking, adding to the banality of the screen experience. Art and Design just fade away in our mind when they have no point of view. We’re irresistibly drawn to someone who understands what she says and her need to communicate to the world. It’s touching.

This is the the difference between a painting at some local gallery and the emotive experience at a museum. This is the difference between a 100-slide deck filled with bullet points and a deck with 3 powerful images. This is the difference between a generic design and a design that changes your life.

Confidence doesn’t mean you know it’s going to work. Only fools are confident all the time. A heart filled with certainty is open, vulnerable and connected. And it might be wrong in the long run. But in that moment, it has no other choice than speaking up.