Asking for the first time can be brave and smart. Asking again after they rebuked you is all about you and very offensive. 

It’s offensive because it shows a lack of empathy. 

Let’s say you’re trying to pitch an idea or trying to sell something and the other side says politely “No”. 

The amateur denies the reality or importance of the objection. So, they repeat the offer. With more volume. More urgency.  

“I’m not comfortable with it.”

     “You should be.”

“I’m afraid to fail.”

     “You need to fail to succeed.”

“I won’t be able to sell it through.”

     “This is the only way it’s going to work.”

Fact is, denying an objection never works. There are instances where people will make a new decision based on new information. Your pushiness and second ask just conveys one information: It’s all about you. 

There’s another option: “I understand where you are coming from and how you feel about this idea. Your objections are understandable and valid. I would love to share with you some of our learnings. Once people learn about our insights, they often make a different decision.”