Many people believe the advertising industry is filled with liars.

Reality is, the vast majority of advertising folks don’t lie. The consumers lie to us. 

Sure, we show the product in perfect angles, in perfect settings surrounded by perfect people. That’s just salesmanship. Just like you clean your car before you try to sell it or stage your house. We are not liars. Brands and agencies don’t dare to break existing laws and regulations. They’d be out of business very quickly. 
Customers, on the other hand, constantly lie to us. 

Just attend any focus group and watch people lie every waking moment:

“I buy a car based on specs.” No, you don’t. You bought that specific car to enhance your image.  

Nobody was every influenced by advertising, everybody makes pure rational decisions. Just like the Wall Street bankers in 2007/8. Studies show people can’t communicate with each other for 10 minutes without lying once. 

When it comes to business, people lie more often. But, we can’t question the statements of consumers. They are always right. 

So, next time you go through the findings of surveys, focus groups and interviews, make sure to consider the lies they told you.