Thanks to technology, overall increase in prosperity and a rather calm political world in Western society, we’ve turned our culture into a doll house existence. A symbol of perfection that needs to be dusted off and slightly rearranged daily but never really appreciated.

We get annoyed by apps that have one too many steps to our digital nirvana or the coffee line takes 5 instead of 2 minutes. We forget to admire and soak in the wonders and modern miracles all around us. Imagine looking at yourself in 20 years, getting agitated about a lack of Internet connection at a concert leading to no validation from social channels, ruining a wonderful performance under the stars. For yourself and everybody around you. “I went to a concert and all I got was no Internet connection.” On the other hand, we get overly excited about innovations like Uber that make our life a bit more comfortable and the doll house more shiny, celebrating them as if we found the cure for cancer.

Much worse, we now stay away from moments and situations that don’t fit our doll house existence because the outcome is not cool enough or too laden with risk to become part of our pristine life. Instead, we spend our days in self-imposed prisons, living in an insulated world, staying away from people and situations that feel strange, weird or scary to us.

We look pretty from the outside but we stopped nurturing our soul.

We rather stay comfortable than engaging with people that might reject or confound us. We avoid taking risks because the doll house is so comfortable. We buy the thick, bright red strawberries that taste watery and lack any substance. And leave the tiny, odd looking strawberries on the table that would change our perception how strawberries should taste.

The evolution of life, culture and progress is messy and filled with dangers. When we insist everything we do fits into the doll house world, we’ll miss out on evolving as humans.