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How to build your personal brand in 10 steps.

3 bullet points in your last presentation that will turn the company around.

If solving problems was so easy, everyone would do it.

Pilots don’t go to flight school because they want to learn an easy, quick way to fly through a thunderstorm without instruments. Architects don’t study for years to build houses on huge, flat lots without any zoning restrictions.

We can handle complicated problems. We’re just too afraid to try.

All these ‘Dummies’ books, the quick fix lists, the mechanistic step programs aren’t solutions to problems. They are crutches. Just like alcohol. Valium. You name it. 

They keep us from facing our fear to deal with the problem. Lull us into the belief it’s the best we can do. 

Instead of constantly trying to find shortcuts and cover our fear with band aids, it will take less of an effort and time to do it the difficult way.