We used to read the same papers in the morning. We used to listen to the same radio shows, watch the same TV news. The people in our segment, that is. When we had just a handful segments. We all watched the same movies, listened to the same music.

Everyone aspired to read the same book. (Let’s be honest here: we often bought the same book, just to display it on the gallery shelf in the living room). We talked about the same TV shows around the water cooler. Consuming all the same media meant being in sync with your peer group.

We will never behave the same way again

Minorities now watch ‘hit shows’, engage with the World Series or listen to a ‘hit’ album. There’s a still a chance that your peer group is watching the same show but the circles are closing in on us. They get smaller by the day.

When ‘everyone’ suddenly is almost nobody, when the only long tail is the Superbowl, most people will stop trying. Why bother reading challenging books, watching movies with a slow payoff, listen to music that takes time to grab your emotions?

What’s the point? There’s always another car wreck video, link-bat item on social channels accessible through your smartphone.

We are walking away from a society with a cultural, intellectual core. And we are walking towards a future of hyper-micro values. Our job is to make it work.