Nobody promised you a rose garden. And, I’m pretty sure you didn’t expect one.

Still, you are unhappy.

Why am I so unhappy, you ask yourself.

The person at the coffeeshop creating espresso beverages 8 hours a day doesn’t look miserable. The guy working at his third job, taking your money at the convenience store doesn’t look unhappy. Why am I, sitting comfortably in an expensive chair, creating things out of nothing besides my brain and being reimbursed for it well, why am I unhappy?

Bigger people than you and me have felt the same way:

No one but myself knows the anxiety I go through and the trouble I give myself to finish paintings which do not satisfy me and seem to please so very few others.
-Claude Monet

It’s important to be at piece with the bargain Monet describes. Only when you are willing to live with the constant anxiety, the never-ending demand to be better, will you be able to engage all the gifts you’ve been given.

There is a deep-seated anxiety to the making of work from nothing that punishes everybody trying to attempt it. Anything that starts out with a white screen/piece of paper/canvas, etc.

The only way to calm the anxiety and to be happy is to finish the work. Once you’re done with it, you will smile for 10 minutes. Maximum.

As long as I have a want, I have a reason for living. Satisfaction is death.

-George Bernard Shaw