Life is like a waterfall. It’s always moving and there’s always an uneven flow to it.

We didn’t plan going to water falls. The plan was to check out the big parade of the Merry Monarch Festival, a big deal on the Big Island, culminating in a Hula competition on Saturday night. We drove for 2 hours, found parking and saw a few floats:


Marching bands. Many horses, various princesses. More floats:


After almost an hour, we decided to head somewhere else. There was the big draw of beach life in Kona but since we were in Hilo, we decided to check out the Akaka Falls.


422 feet high (ca. 130 meters, not one of the highest in the world (#621) but towering over Niagara Falls by more than 200 feet.


The falls are spectacular but the surrounding park was the major attraction for me.


Your mind is challenged to digest all the rainbow forest beauty around you.


Green everywhere


Accentuated by few, colorful flowers. A wonderful place to spend an hour in a movie set created by nature.

We headed back to Kona just in time make friends at sunset.