We are living at the North Shore. And it’s windy. Really, really windy. And it rains quite a lot. While we went to the beach in Kona at least daily, beach times have been severely reduced here in Oahu.

But when we go, we get to see amazing things:


When you walk around, you discover spooky deserted places.


We did some touristy stuff, my least favorite was the Polynesian Cultural Center, including Luau and IMAX movie.


And a show with a lot of fire.


We went to Waimea Canyon, a wonderful park.


Both ladies went swimming in the waterfall. Astrid was hesitant in the beginning but didn’t want to leave in the end.


They tried to get as close to the waterfall as possible.


And we went hiking. Besides a refreshing morning run next to the ocean, we tried to hike at least every other day.


Hikes in Oahu are not easy, even the easy ones can be quite strenuous. But you always get rewarded with an amazing view.


Sometimes a bunker makes the view even better. They call them pillboxes here. That’s a new one to me.


And that was just the first week. It’s easier in Oahu to spend your time doing the touristy thing. And so expensive. But it’s so rewarding to find something outside the beaten path.