There are places in the world that make you happy. There are places that make you feel content. And there are places that strike a cord with your soul. That’s exactly how I felt about Iceland.

Emotional landscapes.

Raw beauty.

A feeling to live in space, between earth and the moon.


Every day we lived under a magic spell, the elves and trolls besides us, ensuring a wonderful time.

2015-05-15 04.32.20

(The faceless bureaucrat.) Austin claims to be weird. Iceland is really weird. In the best way possible.

2015-05-15 05.24.15

320,000 people strong but millions of stories stronger.

2015-05-16 01.13.33

Iceland is a country filled with stories.

Some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle and end.


Life is about not knowing, having to change.

2015-05-14 19.55.56

Taking the moment.

2015-05-15 05.06.27

Making the best of it.


Without knowing what’s going to happen next.


Delicious Ambiguity.

While I’m about to leave Iceland, I feel there are more stories to tell about this magical place.


To be continued…