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For us, Amsterdam has always been our spiritual home. I could spend the rest of my life here and never look back. That’s one of the reasons we are staying 4 weeks altogether here. Whenever we need sunshine in our heart, we travel to Amsterdam. It just brings a smile to my face walking the streets, buying little packages of cheese and cooking white asparagus every other night.

Unlike Iceland, Amsterdam doesn’t push me to explore. I’ve seen most of it and I’m okay if I miss out on a new museum. It’s more about living here, being part of the fabric of Dutch life. Sure, we went to museums and explored new things. But Amsterdam is more about being here. In the moment.

The big surprise so far has been how much time is spent looking for stuff. When you live in a place for a certain time, you know where to get 99% of your things. And for the rest you have Amazon. That ratio is out of whack when you travel. Try finding a pencil box. We went to 5 stores, no luck. Try finding dryer sheets. The little things are the ones that throw you off the most. Cooking instructions become guessing games. Ticket machines turn into Mensa puzzles. At least, I know how to find the best french fries in the world, the best pancakes and the best evening spot for a beer.

And, when the frustration gets to you, there’s always this

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