2015-06-29 03.52.26

That’s the building that caused so much harm for thousands of East Germans, a terrifying address more than 25 years ago.

2015-06-29 03.59.34

The art inside the building is as terrifying as the warped minds that used to run the secret police.

2015-06-29 04.32.42

This is the office of Erich Mielke, the head of the secret police for decades until the Wall came down. The days before the people stormed the building, everybody inside was busy shredding documents. Besides the documents and some cheap schnaps, the offices were kept the way they were found.

2015-06-29 04.26.56

Mielke’s switchboard. He had direct connections to all important East German politicians and his friends in the Soviet Union.

2015-06-29 04.32.56

Just like Nixon, he kept a tape recorder next to his conference table. Just in case.

2015-06-29 04.32.21

Besides the tour buses and modern cars, the view has not changed outside of his window. Soviet architecture at its finest.

2015-06-29 04.36.05

Thousands lives were destroyed during meetings at this table. Eerie.

A very impressive museum if you are into this kind of thing, especially if you want to experience first hand the oppressiveness of the regime through the architecture and design of their offices.