2015-07-03 01.39.42

There’s more to see than the beautiful facades of Old Town Warsaw and we decided to hop on an antique Soviet Bus and head out to the often unseen side of Warsaw. It was a hot day and the bus sounded like a great idea but the there was no AC, comfort or seat belts. But it was a lot of fun.

2015-07-03 01.43.36

Almost all of the Warsaw Ghetto was destroyed during the Uprising in 1944. Only a few building remained, this being the last one before it will be renovated in the near future.

2015-07-03 01.45.24

The building has been abandoned for a while but one can still imagine people living their lives here more than 80 years ago and suffering through the dark years more than 70 years ago.

2015-07-03 01.46.49

These bricks have seen their share of tragedy.

2015-07-03 01.56.20

Some of the new buildings on the same street have at least pieces of the buildings as a remembrance to the tragedy.

2015-07-03 01.55.32

The left building will soon like the one to the right.

2015-07-03 02.02.48

Former tram tracks, leading in and out of the Ghetto.

2015-07-03 02.27.37

Walking through the streets of Warsaw, you discover that many buildings have numerous bullet holes. Bad aids are there to ease the pain. The logo on the band aid (Polska Walcząca) is about the Uprising.

2015-07-03 02.41.41

Warsaw University of Technology – Glass Atrium

2015-07-03 02.41.57

A beautiful building, often left behind on the tourist path.

2015-07-03 02.44.55

The auditorium makes me want to study again.

2015-07-03 02.51.28

If you are ever in Warsaw, make sure to say hi.

2015-07-03 02.51.54

This building has been vacant and not developed since the late 90’s. Capitalism is hard and real estate speculation was rampant shortly after the demise of the Soviet Union.

2015-07-03 02.58.59

Ah, Communist architecture: Wide roads, big street lamps, vast spaces.

2015-07-03 03.03.30

A mosaic communicating the amazing benefits of Communism.

2015-07-03 03.36.07

Next stop was an exhibit about the Communist experience in Warsaw. A typical living room.

2015-07-03 03.36.43

The bathroom: washer and dryer combination.

2015-07-03 03.49.40

A typical Soda machine. Since glass was rare, the cup was on a chain.

2015-07-03 04.24.41

Warsaw has a long way to go. When you walk outside the tourist areas, this is a typical backyard.

2015-07-03 04.32.34

Maria Shrine included.

2015-07-03 08.46.05

Graffiti Art.

2015-07-03 09.25.15

A nod to Stalin.