2015-07-07 01.11.19

Krakow has an Italian feel to it, or more precisely, Venetian. And it was super hot during our time there, more than 90 degrees. Felt more like 110 degrees, including wonderful humidity.

2015-07-07 01.11.24

St. Mary’s Basilica. Most interesting part: asymmetrical towers.

2015-07-07 01.29.24

Shopping stands inside the Venetian building.

2015-07-07 01.37.56

No bridges in Krakow but something that resembles a bridge.

2015-07-07 01.39.21

City walls are fully intact, the city was barely touched during WWII.

2015-07-07 01.43.22

The whole city gave off a very positive and intriguing vibe. I liked Krakow much better than Warsaw.

2015-07-07 01.56.06

Talking to locals, there’s definitely a strong rivalry between both cities. Oh, look a little girl hiding behind one eye.

2015-07-07 03.06.39

The castle, one of the bigger tourist attractions.

2015-07-07 03.13.26

John Paul II is everywhere in Poland. There must be thousands of statues all over the country.

2015-07-07 03.19.28

Inside the castle.

2015-07-07 03.42.19

The castle has this Austrian/Hungary empire feeling to it.

2015-07-07 03.54.03

Art outside of the castle.

2015-07-08 01.44.39

After visiting the castle, we visited Kazmierz, the Jewish quarter.

2015-07-08 02.28.33

The Old Jewish Cemetery was established in 1535.

2015-07-08 02.30.52

The engravings are all washed out, not that I could read Hebrew anyway.

2015-07-08 02.37.15

During the German occupation of Poland, the Nazis destroyed the cemetery tearing down the walls and hauling away tombstones to be used as paving stones in the camps, or selling them for profit. One doesn’t have words for this sin. The remains are now part of wall surrounding the cemetery.

2015-07-08 02.37.37

In detail.

2015-07-08 02.40.05

A complete family just wiped out.

2015-07-08 02.56.15

The Jewish quarter is starting to come to life again after Communism disappeared.

2015-07-08 02.56.48

2015-07-08 08.58.58

A small park in the market square.

2015-07-08 08.59.33

Best name for a restaurant. Couldn’t agree more.