2015-07-18 01.44.05

We headed out this am for a short bike ride to Amsterdam-Noord, a recently re-discovered neighborhood across the train station. Ferries leave every 5 minutes to carry passengers and bikes across the IJ.

2015-07-18 01.50.50

Mosques can be seen all across Amsterdam. The architectural integration is not always successful.

2015-07-18 01.59.17

It was a wonderful morning for a ride through the forrest, just 5 minutes away from the masses in Amsterdam.

2015-07-18 02.01.06

Idyllic sceneries, not many people on the streets. Nobody stays at home when the sun shines in Europe, they must have decided to go to the city.

2015-07-18 02.04.11

Astrid called it a very lonely experience.

2015-07-18 02.08.45

Graffiti was seen everywhere, some call Amsterdam-Noord the Brooklyn of Amsterdam.

2015-07-18 02.08.50

After more than an hour, we decided to return to the city.

2015-07-18 02.47.31

A big smile when she saw the canals and we started planning lunch.