2015-08-04 21.13.30

Zagreb is a small town, often forgotten by tourists because they tend to flock to the coast.

2015-08-03 01.19.24

The skyline is dominated by the cathedral, their towers under construction for the last 10 years. And, according to our guide, for 10 more years. Work needs time, I guess.

2015-08-03 00.10.05

There’s a changing of the guard each day, remembering the armed forces that won the last battle against Serbia 20 years ago, 4. August 1995.

2015-08-03 01.19.33

The catholic church is an important cornerstone of Croatia’s culture. It’s not only the dominance of Mary throughout the city.

2015-08-03 01.36.45

More than that, there’s a deep felt devotion experienced throughout the city. Worshippers taking their time to escape the urban hustle at the Stone Gate.

2015-08-03 00.54.01

The main square is now filled with farmers market stands, relocated from their usual location due to construction. You can get 1kg of tomatoes for $1 and a bag filled with peaches for $2.

2015-08-03 01.13.24

We have Batman in front of the Chinese Theatre, Zagreb has historic costumes. A few pennies for a picture.

2015-08-03 02.22.43

The National Theatre that also functions as an opera, painted in Yellow. The Hapsburg empire’s color was yellow and all building from that era are in the same color.

2015-08-04 08.55.48

Still trying to figure out the thinking behind this night club logo.

2015-08-04 08.30.19

The river has not yet become an important part of the daily life in Zagreb. There are some joggers but it’s not as central to life as in other major European cities. Urban sprawl should change that rather soon.

2015-08-04 08.25.06

Running along the river, there are art installations every 400 meters.

2015-08-03 03.54.06

Not an art installation, a real houseboat. Not sure if it’s waiting for fall rains because by then the river should carry the boat with it.

2015-08-03 02.51.02

Even Zagreb committed architectural sins.

2015-08-03 01.37.58

One could take hundreds of shots of doors and windows.

2015-08-03 02.49.42

What happened in front of this window. What lives were lived behind the glass?

2015-08-03 01.44.21

St. Marks Church from the 13th century. Red and white are the dominating colors in Croatia.

2015-08-03 01.23.35

1880 Zagreb experienced a devastating earthquake (6.3). The clock of the cathedral has not worked since then.

2015-08-03 02.11.01

Zagreb solar system is an ambiental art installation of the “grounded” solar system with the artistic name the Grounded Sun and Nine Views. This is the sun. We later drove by the pea-sized Earth.

2015-08-03 00.25.59

I wonder what she was thinking. Can’t read it?

2015-08-03 00.27.15

Her view.

2015-08-03 00.32.19

Time for a chocolate milk break.