2015-08-09 06.42.30

I had no preconceived notions about Split. I knew it was a harbor town with ancient ruins. That’s about it. First thing I noticed was the amazing view from our AirBnB.

2015-08-06 20.30.10

We walked into town and I could have sworn we’re in Italy. Just much cheaper and not that many scooters around us.

2015-08-07 08.22.51

The whole city is an attraction because it is 1,700 years old and it was centered on the structure of the ancient Roman Palace of the Emperor Diocletian. It feels like Disneyland for Roman nerds.

2015-08-07 08.21.03

And nerds that love to take pictures of windows.

2015-08-07 08.26.46

Just like Venice, Split feels like an ancient labyrinth.

2015-08-07 08.52.59

Cesar always watching from above. Or a house with an ad in the vicinity of his navel.

2015-08-08 21.51.39

The city is spectacular at night and right before sunset. A dream for good photographers. And bad ones.

2015-08-07 08.44.49

Greetings from Venice.

2015-08-06 20.37.19

Not sure who he is but he doesn’t seem to be up for anything good.

2015-08-07 11.04.47

Walking distance from our AirBnb is Bacvice Beach, a playground for youngsters during the day. And for ravers at night. Paul Oakenfold polluted Split’s sonic waves 3 days ago.

2015-08-08 23.43.57

The train station is nothing to write home about, just good for bad graffiti.

2015-08-08 23.43.03

Not uncommon in the city. Young adults that didn’t have a place to stay overnight. Clubbing can take its toll.

2015-08-08 02.23.24

The beach is not very accommodating to relax with a good book. Most people opt to sprawl out on the concrete.

2015-08-08 11.43.04

Roman ruins + beach + super heatwave = big smile.