2015-08-21 11.07.26

When you visit Milan in August, this is what you encounter.

2015-08-21 11.20.20

Or this. The city basically shuts down for the month of August. Very European of them. How can you not love that? The US tends to fall into a semi-sleep from Thanksgiving to Christmas Day, rudely interrupted by demands of the giving dictatorship you need to fall in line to be not considered a bad person on the 25th. Europeans, on the other hand, go into hibernation 3-4 weeks in August. It’s pretty clear what’s healthier for you.

2015-08-20 10.03.50

Less people on the street, more space for skateboarding.

2015-08-21 12.42.12

Not everything is shut down, Duomo (Cathedral) is still open for admiration.

2015-08-21 12.44.16

The most beautiful shopping mall in the world next to it is always open for business. What a treat.

2015-08-21 10.56.23

There was a drive in the family to have eggs for breakfast. We didn’t expect eggs on pancakes in the American Cafe. Oh well.

2015-08-21 02.19.55

First stop, Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio. More than 1,600 years of history in this amazing compound.

2015-08-21 02.25.53

The altar, a masterpiece of the Carolingian era. Wood with golden plates. A German father asked his daughter about the history of the Carolingians. She was 10 years old and rattled down 3-4 facts. I was horrified and impressed at the same time. Wonder what they talk about at the dining room table. Nietzsche?

2015-08-21 02.26.57

Definitely my favorite pulpit ever.

2015-08-21 02.29.12

Just wonderful.

2015-08-21 02.32.01

I see dead people. Saint Ambrosius together with two martyrs. (Second not visible). Not a big fan of displaying dead people but people took their selfie-sticks to share the screen with them.

2015-08-21 06.00.47

No clue what this is about.

2015-08-21 04.34.37

One of the special features of the city was the opportunity to walk on the roof of the cathedral. And a great cash cow, 11 Euro per person.

2015-08-21 04.33.14

A golden Madonna communicating with heaven.

2015-08-21 04.35.25

There were modern sculptures mixed with the original art. The juxtaposition of original art overseeing the evolving city was my favorite.

2015-08-21 04.34.01

Modern Milan in the background.

2015-08-21 04.31.48

Would I go back to Milan? I would love to see the city in full hustle and bustle mode. It’s a very modern city that was just open for tourists, something was missing.

2015-08-21 04.28.29

Would love to come back in spring.

2015-08-21 03.59.11

The genie was just half out of the bottle in August.