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Certain areas of Seoul can have so many things going on, it can be difficult to find a place to hang out. Hongdae, being a university area gives you a younger vibe to the place. It provides some of the most unqiue restaurants and cafes in Seoul, to cater to a younger crowd.

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We decided to visit the ‘You are Here’ cafe in Hongdae. From their site:

You Are Here, in one sense, is what you see when you’re looking at a tourist map. It shows you the world around you, how to get to the places you want to get to, but tell you where you are, right there in the centre of it: you Are Here. Since we know that a lot of you that will be coming to the coffee shop aren’t natively from Korea, we want this place to be your center point, where you gather your bearings. Start from here, then go out and explore.

You Are Here cafe is located in Hongdae, not in the bustling club district, but in the hostel area. If you’re visiting Korea, there are lots of hostels around the area that we set up our cafe. You might be confused, disoriented, even jet-lagged. Come to You Are Here Cafe and get your bearings 😀

Also, what TTMIK and EYK represent is very much a middle ground. Hyunwoo and crew are teaching the outside world how to speak Korean. The Eatyourkimchi Crew are in many ways showing you different parts and aspects of Korea, to the outside world as well. It’s a middle ground, in some ways, an access point into Korea. You Are Here is that part of your journey’s map.

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In Asian tradition, there were little dolls and trinkets to keep you company in case you spend an hour by yourself in the calming place. The coffee was strong, the food delicious and the environment kept us stay longer than normal.

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One of the cooler feature of ‘You are here’ is a video booth where one can record a 2-minute video about anything they want. Astrid and I had a little conversation and chatted about our experience.

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After being fully caffeinated, we headed out to “Graffiti Alley”, a maze of alleyways close to Hongik University.

The Street Art in Hongdae adds a whole lot of oomph, colour and life to the ambiance of this artistic district in Seoul. Thought-provoking art pops up around every corner leaving no space untouched. Pillars and walls are covered in graffiti. Windows and doors are sprayed with bright colours. The messages are deep. The pictures are gripping. Artists say their say and other artists splatter their own emotions over that say.

It’s a place where there are no rules – it’s art in its purest form. The Street Art in Hongdae is the voice of all the unspoken words, the medium of the bold, the soul of Seoul.

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