Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive, and even spiritual satisfaction – E.O. Wilson


It’s fall, the grand finale of the seasons. Last chance for every living creature to burst with its last beauty, releasing everything they had been saving up for the remainder of the year. The birds are consulting where to head for the rest of the year, the trees are on a hectic schedule of decay and humans have the privilege to enjoy this spectacle covered in warm clothes.


Every October Haneul Sky Park, near World Cup Stadium, holds the Silver Grass Festival. The park its self used to be a land fill that was converted to a park. Once you climb to the top of the hill it opens up into a large grass covered prairie unlike any other place in the city.


It’s a crowded place on a Sunday afternoon. One of the blustery days since we arrived in Korea, a perfect autumn for exploring the Eulalia (Silver Grass) in bloom.


A lot of things to do for the family: shooting plastic arrows at your father and face painting, just to name a few.


One can enjoy the view of the World Cup stadium, the place where Germany beat South Korea in the semi-finals. Ahhh, memories.



Just like those horrendous selfie-sticks, the locks have become a constant companion of our travels.


But all this was just a nice side to the major serving of nature in autumn. Nature smiling one more time on us.