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It took me 30 minutes to travel from my home in Seoul to Connecticut. Just take 1 Train, walk for a bit and you’re right there. EWA Womans University

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The pastoral nature of the campus is perhaps its most remarkable quality. It should be permitted to grow outwards, or inwards in this case, covering the campus center with trees, flowers, and grass. The park is re-drawn. An idyllic garden is the result, creating a special place for gathering, conducting informal classes, and simply relaxing. The notion of weaving together the campus is again evident, blurring the distinction between old and new, building and landscape, present and past.

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Just walking around the campus wanted me to stay in Seoul forever and teach here for the rest of time.


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It’s a wondrous example of architecture that captures your imagination and makes you want to stay and just enjoy the work of art.

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