I visited Singapore the first time 3 years ago. I liked it but I wasn’t particularly impressed, had no desire to return. The situation in Nepal required us to change plans and we decided to spend three nights/two nights in Singapore. It seemed enough for the distance but, looking back, I wish we would have stayed another 2 nights.


The first impression was: How great it feels to be in a city where everybody understands you. The second feeling was to be happy about the multiculturalism in the city. Korea (especially outside of Seoul) can feel monocultural: the same style of restaurants, the same setup, sameness creeping into the culture and mind. Singapore, on the other hand, is all over the map: a fascinating melting pot of three main cultures: Local, Chinese and India and a lot of global influences. And the third feeling: Singapore, just like Asia, seems to be evolving and changing in very short bursts. Singapore 3 years ago didn’t feel like the Singapore today.

2015-11-03 21.30.28

Time flew by: Spent a lovely evening with friends, living in Singapore for almost 5 years now. A lot of maintenance work: Teeth cleaning and haircut. Not a lot of time to relax on this chair.


But on the last night we headed out to the Gardens by the Bay, a wonderful refuge in the middle of the city.



An inside waterfall, a walkable cloud forest, secret garden and so much fauna and flora to explore. It was quite an experience and we were lucky to be able to go in the evening, the views were quite breathtaking.


After a quick, way overpriced, at the Marina Bay Sands, it was time to wave goodbye to Singapore. Until next time.