Let’s get real, India: Nobody should live like this. It’s just not acceptable. More than 20% of your citizens live below the poverty line of $1.25 per day. I know, you halved extreme poverty in 20 years but you’re not as fast as your neighbors Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. You have to increase the pace.


This is also completely unacceptable. Your canals, oceans and rivers shouldn’t be dumping grounds for untreated sewage.


The Ganges is where 2 million people bathe every day. Not only that: they wash their clothes, dishes and animals in the river as well. And companies dump raw sewage, cities their waste and humans top it off. Sometimes I feel Indians don’t care because their country doesn’t care about their people.


Breathing shouldn’t be an effort. And working out not a hazard.


It’s extremely hard to live in India. Life shouldn’t be that hard. A trip on a train shouldn’t take all your energy and then some.


Your people deserve better than experiencing this sight and the smell as a constant companion. They deserve much better. They deserve to be taken care of, cherished and admired. Just like every human deserves to be taken care of, cherished and admired.


The children deserve to be growing up in better environments, in better conditions, under better circumstances.


I love you, India, but you infuriate me. Your bureaucracy infuriates me. Your average living conditions. The way you serve your people. Or not.


Because your people will make me come back. They are what makes India such a loveable place. There is not a more energetic place in the world than India. There are not more stories to be told than in India.


That’s why I will return to India: for the people. They make me love this country even though so many things about it make me so mad.


Romain Rolland said: “If there is one place on the face of the earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India.”

Let’s dream big again, India. You deserve it.