It’s easy to get nostalgic about being a father. 6 years ago in Vietnam when she was mesmerized by her book after a long swim. The cute pictures when she was small, front teeth missing, the little fingers.

In this fragmented world, we have to work together to find things we both enjoy. Oddly, football is one of these things. Especially the German team in big tournaments. Last year, when they deeply disappointed, we kicked a few minutes before matches, got ice cream and chatted. And we found new favorites: Belgium, Croatia. Yup, they all disappointed in the end. That’s how football life goes.

Our weekly Saturday trek to the Farmers Market where we end up chatting about everything and I learn more about her life in 2 hours than in one week of asking at dinner how her day was.

In general, men are better enhancing relationships side by side, doing things together than sitting down face to face. Or maybe it’s just me.

It’s even more important for me being a father. I don’t care where we go on vacation, I’m more concerned to spend time with her, just being there without the daily “How was school?” “It’s 9.30, you need to go to bed.” nonsense. The older they get, the harder it becomes to keep the communication channels open. They tend to clog up with daily angst, emotions and minor resentments.

Doing things together, that’s where relationships are made, fortified and enhanced. It might be an interesting brand positioning for an athletic brand. Less about achievement, more about relationship building.

Yesterday was Father’s Day. We had a few hours to kill and I asked her if she could help me clean the boat. We worked together for an hour, scrubbed and cleaned. We achieved something together. After all that hard work, we had ice cream, watched an amateur cycling race and were discussing where to take the clean boat the next day. I couldn’t have asked for a better Father’s Day.