It’s launch day. Excitement is in the air. Many customers sign up. The early adopters, the ones that try out everything, the ones waiting for your product. The low-hanging fruit.

Some stick around, others leave. There’s always something new, something more exciting, dopamine hits are addictive.

It’s reality check time. The remaining early adopters are not enough to keep your company afloat. And the remaining 99.9% of your prospects are hard to reach. It takes time, deep insights, money and a lot of sweat to get them on your side.

Two options: You stay on the dopamine path and continue to innovate, bring new stuff to the market. You will stay small, it will be fun but it will also be exhausting. Just like a wandering circus.

Or, you stay where you are. Turn your best customers into your brand ambassadors, don’t buy influence, work for it, overdeliver. Be committed to the audience and stay put. Develop roots in the community and let the community work for you. Be such an anchor in the community that people can’t live without you and will convince others. Less fun but much more rewarding. And the only way to grow, change behavior and culture.