Because it is incremental. Yes, there are these Uber and iPhone moments when everything changes quickly. But the majority of digital transformation is incremental. Machines take over a job we never imagined they can do, and over time we get so used to it, we regard it as a natural step for machines to take on more and more tasks.

Machines are better at spotting tumors, trading stocks, execute all banking transactions, get us where we want to go, correct spelling, find cheap services and products, predict weather and find familiar faces in a huge crowd.

If you flew to Saturn 14 years ago and just returned from your awe-inspiring trip, you would not believe what happened to human-only tasks since you left the planet in 2006. But since we are being slowly boiled by technology and not water just like the frog experiment, we don’t consider these changes amazing.

Since jobs are being lost, the last thing we should do is our job. We need to be braver, more human, more focused and do things differently. There are huge opportunities out there. But you are missing out on them by continuing doing your job,