One of the holiday traditions in our house is to work on a puzzle throughout these quiet times. In 2019, we decided on a Clementoni 1,500 pieces puzzle of the Piazza di Spagna in Rome. The goal was to finish in a week but life happened, business travel and the puzzle was harder than I expected. Last weekend, we sat down and decided to get it done by Sunday.

Sunday came around and the one thing happened that should never happen with a puzzle:


And this:


And another one


3 missing pieces. We looked everywhere but it was clear the pieces were never part of the puzzle.

Clementoni had one job: Deliver 1,500 pieces of a puzzle. Nothing else. And they failed. All the LinkedIn Marketing, all the Instagram posts, the terrible website: It’s meaningless and even counterproductive when you don’t do your job.


And, so we decided not to do our job and spend hours completing the blue sky. Final destiny for this puzzle? Trash.