It’s January 01, 2030. Your national government has outlawed any traditional marketing. What would you do without your digital levers, your print, TV, radio, Direct Mail and other forms of marketing?

After you got over your anxiety attack, I believe you would start with people. You would redouble your efforts with your current customers. And you would try to attract new customers by talking with them, not at them. You would get very good at explaining what you do, why you think your product/service is the best, and how it will make the lives of customers better. You would look closely at your customers, try to understand them better, empathize with them. You would be emotionally attuned to your customers.

That’s how selling was done before we started to rely on marketing, technology, and tactics. Brands made the best possible product for their known customers they wanted to serve. It was pretty straight forward, courageous and full of risks. But when it worked, it was glorious. Instead, we are hiding now behind efficiency and scale while moving away from our customers.

We have an endless arsenal of marketing tactics at our fingertips. Maybe these infinite options limit our ability to really connect with customers?